Embers of Desperation

It started like a joke,…

some hellos… some goodbyes,

some ‘heys’ and other ‘take cares’.

Who would’ve guessed it would become something akin to lighting a match in a room full of gas?

I choke, I struggle, I strive to get a whiff of the clear air which I clamor for …

but these embers, the embers of my desperation, seek to consummately and unabashedly consume me in their wake.

The ‘heys’ turned to tight snuggles and the goodbyes to succulent embraces.

The ‘take cares’ metamorphosed into deep kisses which I longed for without inhibitions.

When we talk, all I want to do is taste your lips. I want time to stop. Just for us to take our time in turn.

And just like this raging fire building up within me, I want you all to myself,

all for me and no one else…

Yet the more I get of you, the more I want of you…the embers of desperation.

5 thoughts on “Embers of Desperation

  1. this is great man,it sounds good,am not good at world of poetry but ,but at times like to get the theme behind it,and for your info,this message was great.congrats!

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