Identity Crisis

Death, paralysis, trauma, heartache, heartbreak, sin, suffering, poverty, hunger, bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown….there are hundreds and millions of situations and predicaments that could be termed as the penultimate scourges of this world. These are things that happen to you which you have no control over and are universally considered as the worst case scenario…

Well today, let me introduce to you one of the worst case scenarios there are…with a bit of a twist. Thing is, you do have control over this… Wikipedia refers to it in three different categories….in music, in comics and in the one I will try and deal with…in psychology. It’s termed as an internal conflict of and search for identity. It’s an Identity Crisis.

On the other hand, an identity is referred to as a subjective sense as well as an observable quality of personal sameness and continuity, paired with some belief in the sameness and continuity of some shared world image…in other words, what you term as your identity is usually viewed as what those around you think of you! And this very definition is what I have come to realize lands us in this ‘crisis of an identity’. You may or may not realize that you are experiencing an identity crisis because in some cases it is subtle, but the true challenge is how to identify it and rectify it.

Do you feel you have no idea where you’re headed in life? Do you feel worthless or lack the drive or urge to make something more meaningful in your life? Do you have feelings of what I call generalization where you’re just one more person on this planet with no goals in life and living it as the wind blows? Do you feel aggravated by what your life is and has become and have a need for change but don’t know what exactly to do about it? Then I think you’re suffering from what I’m trying to help solve…

The way to get out of this…which is more of a sensation than a situation, is by evaluating yourself using these seven steps I have come to discover;

1. Quality of Time
Have you learned to balance between striking when the iron is still hot and working at a sustainable and gradual pace to achieve your goals? Can you distinguish between long term goals and what you expect shortly? If you can’t….do so now!

2. Confidence
Are you sure of yourself and unbreakable in spirit?

3. The New
Have you tried out different roles and tried new things in new ways? Experimentation, albeit with restraint is the key…

4. Success
Do you believe in yourself and that whatever you do will lead you to success and achievement that satisfies?

5. Gender
Are you comfortable being male or female and dealing with others as such?

6. Role
Can you beth a leader and a follower? are you comfortable?

7. Ideology
Have you found a set of basic social, philosophical, or religious values that your outlook on life can be based upon?

Hope this helps you out like it did me…cheers

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