Some Wait A Lifetime…

With its twists and turns, its debacles and surprises…

its bestowments and curses and its blessings and joys,

life can be one big ball of energy, bursting with promise yet unequivocally boisterous and volatile.

Life can give you love and easily turn it into hate, it can give you tears and easily turn those into giggles.

Every second of every day, millions are borne into sorrow and yet other millions into stupendous joy,

one relationship kicks off and another culminates into a somewhat natural death…

yet all in a days work, its still disheartening yet brimming with hope.

While some of us seem to effortlessly fall into the sway of love and emotion, others seem to wade the torrentious currents of harsh reality for what seems like forever,

looking, searching and dying to find that true meaning of life.

Some people wait a lifetime for moments like these, moments that seem stolen from the cruelties of life,

moments that seem starkly distinct from the raw tenacity that is the man-eat-man society we all seem to reside in, or survive in…

moments that define who we are and where we have come from and moments in which we retreat into the tender yet loving arms of the ones we love.

But what if all this is but as fleeting as falling leaves in Autumn wind? What if your loved ones have abandoned you and there is nobody around to lift you up when you are down…

to listen to your heartbeat while you sleep…to kiss your tender lips when you yearn for solace…then what?

Its hope that keeps the human race on its rail track of eventualities,

the belief in a better tomorrow and the eradication of the terrible memories of the past.

We may end up waiting a lifetime to find true happiness and contentment,

but once it is found, it will have been worth the long sojourn into the wilderness of meaning.

Tears of the Sun

Your swagger is a product of my compliments.
Your zeal a reflection of my encouragement.
Your charm is but the personification of my responsiveness and your popularity will be as temporary and evasive as the zit on my cheek.
As fleeting and replacable as love seems, its tentacles are impossible to escape from forever.
You can lie all you want and cheat all you want but when time catches up with you, you will regret it.
The sun feeds the population with tenderness and benevolence…
but with the same tenacity, it shines down with a vengeance that is unequivocal and thorough in its wakening.
You ask why a scorned lover is scarred and vengeful? Well, years of emotional persecution and perseverance do that to you…
but the end product of numbness and wantoness is a far greater tragedy than the tears of the sun.
For once the sun weeps, we all suffer along with it.